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I’d like to invite you to apply for an Erie Auto Insurance policy with my agency by visiting: Get a Quote

Here are a few reasons why:
• ERIE Rate® Lock endorsement*
• First Accident Forgiveness
• Diminishing Deductible
• Automatic coverage for borrowed or rented vehicles
• Coverage for relatives who borrow your vehicles
• Waived deductibles in certain situations
• Pet injury coverage
• Death benefit
• New vehicle replacement
• Better vehicle coverage
• Auto/lease loan security coverage
• Repair coverage
• Plus much more….

Everyone’s insurance needs are different. Getting the right protection for you is simple with our agency. Visit for more information.

“To provide our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service, as is humanly possible, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.” Erie motto.

*rates subject to change if you add or remove a vehicle, add or remove a driver or change your address. ERIE Rate Lock® does not guarantee continued insurance coverage. Not available in all states. Limited to three years in Virginia. Insured must meet applicable underwriting guidelines. Premium may change if you make a policy change. Patent pending. This information is a summary and does not include all coverages and benefits that are available or apply to all states. Coverages, benefits, limits and deductibles may vary. Talk to an ERIE agent for state-specific policy information. ERIE® property and casualty insurance products and services are provided by one or more of the following insurers: Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Company, Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Company, and Flagship City Insurance Company (home offices: Erie, Pennsylvania) or Erie Insurance Company of New York (home office: Rochester, New York). ERIE® life insurance and annuity products and services are provided by Erie Family Life Insurance Company (home office: Erie, Pennsylvania). The companies within the Erie Insurance Group are not licensed to operate in all states. Go to for company licensure and states of operation information. The insurance and annuity products and services described on this website are not offered in all states. ERIE life insurance and annuity products are not available in New York. Insurance products are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions not described on this Website. The information on this Website concerning ERIE’s insurance policies and other products is intended to give you an overview of the policies and products offered by member companies of the Erie Insurance Group. None of the information—including any policy or product description—constitutes an insurance policy. The policy contains the specific details of the coverages, terms, conditions and exclusions. Coverages, exclusions, limitations, policy terms and conditions, and eligibility for insurance or discounts, may vary from state to state and each are subject to the underwriting guidelines and rules in effect for the relevant state at the time of purchase. Please refer to your Erie Insurance Agent or the policy itself for definitions, coverages, exclusions and other terms and conditions. If any policy provision conflicts with the information presented on this Website or by any Erie Insurance Agent, the policy language is controlling and supersedes. For more information, please contact your local Erie Insurance Agent.

Author: Scott Lynch Agency

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