Conquer Indy!

There is no better reward than telling your friends you were able to #ConquerIndy, and you can do so by wearing your participant shirt. Finishers will also receive a medal identifying you as an official Indy Ultimate Conqueror. Additional prizes such as “Best Race Day Selfie” will be awarded.

Conquer Indy!


Apple Hacked?!

WHAT HAPPENED: Recent news reports indicate that Apple has been threatened by a malicious hacking group.  Apple was instructed to comply with certain demands by April 7 or all data will be removed from the 300 million iPhones, iPads, and other devices that are connected to allegedly compromised iCloud accounts.

WHAT CAN YOU DO:  Ensure you are properly protecting your iCloud account by resetting your iCloud account password and taking full advantage of Apple’s Two-factor Authentication services.

The two-factor authentication feature can be enabled right from your iPhone in just a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud > tap your Apple ID
  2. Tap Password & Security
  3. Tap Turn on Two Factor Authentication

We encourage you to take these steps at your earliest convenience.


Life insurance for a family of one.

Life Insurance for a Family of One

We spend a lot of time talking about how couples, families and businesses can protect their financial futures with life insurance. But what about if you are single—do you need life insurance, too?

There are those people who have no children, no one depending on their income, no ongoing financial obligations and sufficient cash to cover their final expenses. But how many of those people do you really know? And, more importantly, are you one of them?

I think it’s important, then, to illustrate how a life insurance purchase can be a smart financial move for someone who is single with no children. Asking yourself these three questions can help you get at the heart of the matter:

  • Do you provide financial support for aging parents or siblings?
  • Do you have substantial debt you wouldn’t want to pass on to surviving family members if you were to die prematurely?
  • Did family members pay for your education?

Don’t Take My Word for It

Life insurance is an excellent way to address these obligations, and in the case of tuition, reimburse family members for their support. But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, “do your own math.” This Life Insurance Needs Calculator can help you quickly understand if there is a need—a need you might not be aware of—that could be easily addressed with life insurance.

The most important reason for you to consider life insurance may be the peace of mind you’ll have.

In addition to addressing any financial obligations you might have, the current economic climate has made permanent life insurance an attractive means to help you build a secure long-term rate of return for safe money assets. The cash value in traditional life insurance can provide you with money for opportunities, emergencies and even retirement.

For young singles, keep in mind that you have youth on your side. I don’t mean to sound trite. Instead, I’d like you to think about the fact that purchasing life insurance is very affordable when you’re young and allows you to protect your insurability for when there is a future need—perhaps, in time, a spouse and children.

While all of these reasons are valid, the most important reason for you to consider life insurance may be the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your financial obligations will be taken care of should anything happen.

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National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day


Raisins coated in a shell of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate have their special day of honor each March 24 on National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.⠀

Chocolate covered raisins have been popular with moviegoers for many, many years and they continue to be. They are also a conventional bulk vending item across the country.⠀

More than 1 million Raisinets are produced per hour.⠀

In some countries, chocolate covered raisins are known as Raisinets. Raisinets were the earliest and one of the most popular brands of the product. Currently made by Nestle, they are the third largest selling candy in United States history. The Blumenthal Chocolate Company introduced the Raisinets to the United States in 1927, and then in 1984, the brand was acquired by Nestle. There are also a large number of other brands of chocolate covered raisins on the market. ⠀

Raisins are an excellent source of calcium, potassium, iron, fiber and vitamin B. When you combine the raisins with dark chocolate, you have a great tasting, healthy snack. ⠀


Try one of the following recipes:⠀

Raisin-oni (Chocolate Raisin Clusters)⠀

Easy Chocolate-Covered Raisins (Crock-Pot)⠀

Deluxe Oatmeal Raisinets Cookies⠀


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